Rundfunk festival, Zürich's annual festival, uses CashSentinel to manage merchant payments

Context & Objectives

RundFunk Festival is an annual radio festival in the courtyard of the Landesmuseum in the heart of Zurich.

First aired in 2000, and now a popular cultural event lasting 45 days, where national and international DJs play and people can enjoy delicacies from multiple bars and food stands.

Visitors can now fill a shopping basket on their phone, based on the menus of the various restaurants on site. They can also pay once with a card or with Twint.
With unique requirements such as:

  • Changing roster of multiple merchants

  • Integration with Yoordi order management system

  • Traditional payment means (credit cards & TWINT)

Worldline Saferpay

Services provided

→ Opening of a segregated bank account with a FINMA-licensed Swiss Bank, dedicated to the operation of the Marketplace
→ Handling of payments following orders on the Yoordi ordering system
→ Performing KYC on food trucks and vendors as per legal requirements
→ Handling of legal, compliance and audit requirements

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