ZRMB, the online pharmaceutical marketplace: a successful transformation in record time!

Context & Objectives

ZRMB Marketplace AG is a joint venture between Zur Rose, a leading online pharmacy and the Migros subsidiary Medbase.

The main mission of ZRMB Marketplace is to develop and exploit the leading digital shopping destination for prescription-free health-related products in Switzerland.

ZRMB had unique requirements such as:

  • ByJuno Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment option

  • Promotional codes option (coupons)

  • Traditional payment means (credit cards & TWINT)

Showcase live client

Services provided

→ Onboarding of Merchants incl. KYC / KYB in under 24h
→ Funds mgmt. through a dedicated ZRMB Marketplace account
→ Regular and on-demand payouts for Swiss Merchants
→ Reconciliation and financial orchestration through daily reporting
→ Front-end for merchants to manage their payments information
→ Marketplace invoice creation for merchants

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